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What I’ve heard about CRST is not good. They seem to be open to hiring newbies but their pay is low and their trucks and working conditions are below average. has a ton of info on most companies, especially the big companies. You can be sure to read what current and former drivers have to say about CRST.

If driving a truck would be a boost in your pay, or you are underemployed/unemployed your state may pay for your CDL school through the Worker/Workplace Improvement Act. The WIA is administered through your local unemployment office. Through the WIA you can receive a grant to pay for CDL school. Most CDL schools find lenders for anyone wanting to get their CDL. If driving a truck doesn’t give you more income than your current job plus a student loan payment, to repay the school, you probably should NOT consider CDL school.

Picking a trucking company that doesn’t fit you is a recipe to be out of trucking quickly. Low pay, bad working conditions, low miles, will drive you to get tickets/accidents. Those will cause you to work for worse companies and put more pressure on your to take more chances. What trucking companies are in/near your town? Those are the companies I would investigate. Every recruiter makes every company sound like a dream job. They get paid when you get hired. If they can get one truck filled 5 times in one year they make more money than if they hire 1 driver for 20 years.

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