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I hope this post finds you still interested in trucking as a career.

You’re right, there’s a lot to learn when first getting into it. Follow RVT’s advice and take it one step at a time. If trucking is something you really want to do, you will persevere and accomplish it.

You will have days that you’re on top of the world, you’ll have days that you’re nervous and uncertain about it, and you’ll have days you just outright want to quit. All this just during CDL school.

I’m about to start my 2nd week of over the road training and I have times where I think about what’s going to happen in 2 weeks or so when I don’t have the safety net of a trainer. I keep going because 1: I’ve always wanted to drive a truck 2: I NEED a career ASAP 3: Many things that I was nervous about during CDL school, I can do comfortably now (some I cannot) and 4: comfort (not complacency, which can pop up) comes with time and experience.

Keep in your mind why you want to do it, set a goal for yourself in trucking (like Nate wants to buy his own truck) and keep that in mind.

Don’t worry so much about the pre-trip, the fueling, and other details as these will come in time. A good school will structure their training to where it’s fast paced and challenging, but doable with a positive attitude.