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CDL Student here. Out of the many companies I contacted for preemployment, TMC was the most difficult to work With. It really upset me because they were my first choice. I have all my endorsements and TWIC card, Passport, and FAST Canada. They recruiter called me and notified me she could not verify my employment background becuase it was through a third party. She was slightly rude and uncommunicative. She told me I should contact said third party, I readily agreed, wanting to resolve the issue. I did the leg work and got a verification of employment form. The next business day I contacted TMC and was informed my application was denied by hiring managers due to lack of an employment history.

I was told there was nothing I could do, and no one I could speak to, to submit my employment verifcation form from the third party.

Anyways, I am going to work with Schneider instead. They have been nothing but professional and accommodating. Have my orientation date set.

Do what works best for you man.