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I wouldn’t worry about auto vs manual AFTER you get your license. It looks like autos are taking over, whether we like it or not. As time goes on fewer companies and other drivers will give you grief if you aren’t instantly smooth on manual. The purpose of most “road tests” when starting with a company is to see if you drive safely & can back up. I’ve never heard of anyone failing a road test for grinding gears.

I have about 20 years driving 9 & 10 speeds and 2 years in auto. The autos are really so nice in traffic not having precise control on gear selection in mountains or snow is OK. There are strategies for doing everything safely with an auto. Truck selection at a new company is generally the new drivers gets whatever is parked in the yard on the day you need a truck. Sometimes that means a brand new truck and sometimes it means the junk that just came out of the shop for the 8th time this month. IMO