DMV + Drivers License Expungement Options For CLD 18 Wheel Drivers

cdl driver records expungement

New or Current CDL Drivers Get Some of Your DMV License Violations Expunged

Many current CDL drivers or new CDL driver candidates don’t know that it is possible in some states to get your driving record cleaned up by getting items expunged from ALL state and federal databases.

This post will provide some insight into CDL drivers doing just that.

Record expungement is a way to make your criminal history or arrest record disappear (at least for certain offenses).

Once your record is expunged it means your record is no longer accessible to the public and you legally can answer “no” about convictions or violations.

Sealed Records vs Expunged Records

One major difference between sealed vs expunged records is that sealed records still exist and although they’re not accessible to the general public or via background checks, certain entities (such as government agencies) can obtain a court order to access the records.

Expunged records NO LONGER EXIST and when asked about whatever violation it was later, you can say NO to that question.

Pardons vs Expungement

Additionally, a pardon is normally only granted at a senior level of judiciary, meaning most pardons will be executed by state governors, secretaries of state, attorney generals, and sometimes even the President.

An expungement can and is handled at the state court level.

Expungement Eligibility

1st, understand that all states vary in the CDL or DMV license expungement eligibility, and the age of the offense also dictates whether CDL or DMV license expungement is an option for you.

2nd, the offense itself will dictate whether it can be expunged.

Misdemeanors tend to be more easily expunged than some felonies, but again, every state has specific laws relating to that.

3rd, if the offense is your first offense, that also plays a fairly large role in whether it is eligible for expungement.

Expungement eligibility does vary by state and you can check your state laws HERE

Lawyers MAY NOT BE as Expensive As You Think For Expungement

You can try to file all your own docs and submit them to the court, but some states require an attorney or ‘highly advise’ you retain one for this process.

Most people think of attorneys and think big dollars, but I have spoken to many folks who have traveled down the path for conviction expungement (mainly DUI) and the costs were surprisingly low compared to what most folks think.

Again, every state will be different, but simply research wisely, and spend judiciously.

Almost in every situation the district attorney who prosecuted your DUI case, for example, is who will also be involved in the expungement process at the state court level.

Hence, an attorney is probably well served and paid in this expungement process.

Once the offense is expunged you may never have to mention it again, since it technically ‘never happened’ based on the expungement.

However, if you apply for a government job or a professional license then you may need to disclose an expungement.

Government employers often ask explicitly about whether you have had a conviction expunged, as will professional licensing boards, such as the attorney bar.

I hope this all helps you current, or potential new CDL 18 wheel big rig truck drivers with potentially getting records and violations / convictions expunged from your past.

We all have done silly, stupid stuff, and some were caught…I always have said that, and its true…

Once More You Can CHECK Your State Expungement Laws by Clicking HERE

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