Create Your CDL Big Rig Trucking LLC Simply & Affordably

Steps I Used to Get My Trucking LLC Set Up Quickly & Affordably


** Google Search Your LLC Name for THIS Year

** Order your LLC Using 1 of 2 Methods

** Direct from Government:

Sec of State Website For Your State

You must handle any issues with formation

1-3 Weeks Turnaround

** Done For You:

Takes up to 4 weeks

Don’t Take ANY Up-sells (EIN, Website etc)

** Get Your Own EIN Once the LLC Filing is Complete

EIN Filing

** Get Your Dun & Bradstreet Number (DUNS Number)

D&B Number

Business Credit Builder & Rating

D&B Will Call you to up-sell you after sale items, but initially I would not take the up-sells

** Set up A Business Bank Account

Your LLC Name

Your EIN

Your Articles of Organization


My LLC Will Be Retro Actively Converted to an S Corp Filing For Tax Purposes to save me even more on taxes

I used the LLC for the lower cost initially, knowing the S Corp can be done retroactively and easily

Hope this helps

Welcome to the entrepreneur world!


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