CDL DOT Medical Locations

I got my CDL DOT medical card done first, before I did ANYTHING else, in order to make sure I was medically qualified to be a truck driver in the first place

I figured why exert one ounce of energy on anything else until I had my 2 year medical card, and my long form DOT physical form

I scanned google for ‘CDL DOT medicals near me’, and found many locations, and I went the next day and had my 2 year medical card and long form within 1 hour

After I did that and got my actual medical card laminated, I began studying for the CDL permit and endorsement tests

Con Centra DOT Physicals

DOT Physical Doctors Nationwide

CVS Pharmacy

The cost for mine was about 75 bucks I think, and it consisted of weight, blood pressure, diabetes test, vision test, hearing test, etc.

Pretty standard basic physical stuff, but I had not had one for over 10 years, and it convinced me to lose some weight after it was all over and I had my docs.

Hope this helps your journey into CDL truck driving


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