CDL 18 Wheel Trucker Deaths + Safety On The Open Road

Here are a few links to articles of CDL 18 wheel big rig drivers being killed while at rest stops, travel centers, etc.

Safety is goal # 1 for US as CDL drivers 1st, the tractor + trailer second, and the cargo last

NEVER misplace that order of safety importance

Also, distance is key when dealing with threats of violence (the greater the distance the better for you as a potential victim), and since most drivers dont carry their weapon while company driving, always try to have a pepper spray of some type on yourself or in your cab within arms reach

Ive assembled a list with some of my best pepper spray recommendations HERE

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Here are a few short articles of recent violence on truckers, passengers and even death in some cases

Female KLLM Driver Killed at Travel Center in Louisiana

Female Girlfriend of Driver Killed at Atlanta Truck Stop

Woman Kills Driver at Iowa Truck Stop

Woman Raped By Long Haul Trucker

The keys to avoiding violence and even death while parked at any location are:

  • Situational Awareness of your Surroundings
  • Keep out of Cab Activities Minimal in New, Foreign or Sketchy Areas
  • Never Allow a Stranger in your truck, or near you more than a reasonable ‘social’ distance
  • Have protection of some kind, and focus on DISTANCE from the attacker
  • GO CRAZY EARLY if someone gets hands on you (polite people die due to misplaced trust)
  • Gouge at eyes and throat and bite and kick to groin
  • SCREAM NONSTOP during attack (breathing is GOOD)

Lets HOPE and PLAN that we all come home safe, but be prepared for ANYTHING out here driving your 18 wheel big rig truck, especially in new or sketchy areas

Lastly, ALWAYS be willing to help another trucker in danger.

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