4 thoughts on “Who Am I Personality Test

  1. I have tried to take the personality profile test on both my smart phone and PC. They both accept my name email etc but then do not let me take the test. Is it because I am a medical missionary in Guatemala and the IP address is diffetent than in the US?

  2. Had a near death experience. Hospitalized forever n then home health n hospice. Nobody expected me to live. Well I beat all odds n here I am, hello… need and am ready to hit the restart button…. gotta make them$$$ no work history in last 3 years. All companies want that on my resume. How do I start Over? I’m a 49 yr. Old single white female who lost her husband to kidney failure. After that happened I ended up almost dead due to sepsis. Don’t no how that happened but it did. Doc says I died because of a broken heart… the angels above wouldn’t allow me through the gates till I finished my work here on earth. I’m healthy now n passed my dot physical. I’m off all meds n workout everyday. I’m strong and have 30 yrs left before retirement. Empty nester ready to hit the road. How do I explain 3 yrs. Not employed living off of life insurance?

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