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What are the Pros/Cons of being a Lease Operator???

I’ve watched a few videos, but would like some personal input. Is the juice worth the squeeze….business wise????

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  1. In my opinion, depending on who you lease on with, it can be very rewarding in a few ways. Let me give you a quick background on me b4 I expound. I went to CDL school with KLLM Oct-Dec 15′. Got on my trainers truck Dec 31st-Feb 15th, 2016. I went lease purchace right away and with the exception of 3wks(upgrading from 15′ Cascadia to a New 17′ Cascadia) I have been leasing ever since.. I found that running OTR (2,750-3,500 miles a wk) was not working for me, Im 39yrs old, Married w 4 young children. I needed to be home more. I switched to Midwest regional, I live just outside Chicago, and found I was making the same, if not slightly more, on 1,750-2,100 miles weekly due to a sliding pay scale which shorter runs pay significantly better.. Went from $1.05 per mile w fsc, to averaging $1.75 per mile w fsc. (fsc=fuel sur charge). So much for short background…LOL. I also have a small Pest Control Business I started in 2003, So I have a business background. I think if you are disciplined, dedicated, do your research, find the right Lease terms, pay package & company fit for you, Leasing can be much more profitable than company as well as a tremendous learning experience. The fast track to buying/owning your own or multiple trucks and making BIG $$$$$… I average $1,500-$1,900 weekly b4 taxes lease & averaged $700 my 3 weeks company driver on the same miles.

    1. KLLM, Schneider(need 1 yr otr experience) , Prime & RTI are good lease companies.. If you want info on KLLM text me @ (708)368-3154

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