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My name is Scott Hanson. I was proud to be a guest with Red on one of his interview videos on YouTube. I’ve been in trucking for 21 of last 23 years. My background was in aviation as a pilot & mechanic (A&P). I’ve driven Over-The-Road (OTR) for over 3 years, operating in 38 of 48 continental states with my pet Beagle/Border-Collie dog. For the last 17-ish years I’ve been driving as a Regional driver operating in the Southeast USA with 1 very large full-service trucking company. I prefer not to discuss my employer by name. I use this formula on the internet: I can speak freely and leave out names or use names but restrict what I can say.

I certainly don’t know everything, but I try to look at things like an engineer. I’d rather see how things work than how things should work. While Red is busy making those miles I’m happy to help answer questions you might have about the industry. I fully subscribe to Red’s views about trucking. It can be a Rescue Career for those that need to change their lives. Your success in the industry depends on your hustle and taking responsibility.  The skills (shifting, backing, navigating, Hours of Service & Regulations) can be taught to almost anyone. Those skills are done by a wide variety of people with different backgrounds and abilities. There is no reason to think you can’t learn them. You should assume you WILL learn them if you want to learn.

Anything I write is just my opinion. It isn’t necessarily endorsed by Red. In all things here and on Red’s YouTube channel, Red is right. Don’t forget to Download, Rate, Review his CarCzarPro App in the Google App Store

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