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  1. I would like to thank you guys at red Viking trucker. The videos and the website is an absolute winner for those who are (like myself) trying to reinvent themselves back into the trucking world. (Thanks a lot)

  2. I would like to know if you guys at red Viking trucker would have any knowledge about companies cdl class a refreshers course.

    1. simply google ‘cdl refresher courses near me’, then call them all and speak to them directly to interview them
      decide based on what you hear
      thanks for watching

  3. My husband and I both in our 50’s want to get into truck driving. Two burnt out teachers ready for a new adventure. Could you clarify or help us to understand CPM for couples. We were told by Covenant we would earn 42 cents per mile/21 cpm for each of us ($50,000 a year both of us). We are looking for a company that would pay both of us a decent salary. Does this exist?

  4. Hi Red Viking,

    I have watched a few of your videos and appreciate your candor and outlook on life. My husband has his Class B license and I have never driven a large truck. We want to increase our retirement savings.
    Would it be better if I was just the rider and he drove? Would we maximize our dollars? Maybe I don’t understand the whole concept of paying a couple half of what one driver would make. It just seems unfair? What do you think?

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