Going from Class B to A CDL

Hi, I have driven straight trucks and beer delivery trucks 20 years ago with auto and manual transmissions . The beer trucks were a tractor and trailer but not 53 feet. I drove for a towing company in both flat bed and wheel lift trucks. I operated these using a class D ( the old chauffeur license in Florida.)  I moved into the car business and just maintained a regular drivers license in California. I moved to Arizona and 1 year ago took a job with the school district and they put me through their training program and had a 3rd party examiner on staff for my skills test Earning my class B with air brake and passenger and school bus endorsements. I added a tanker endorsement on my own. My driving  record and accident record is clean with 0 points,  I took a job recently with a large concrete company and they brought to my attention that i have a no manual transmission restriction on my class b  license they told me they have a on staff 3rd party examiner and they have a class A  vehicle I figured this would be the perfect time for me to bump up to a class A because if i had to do a skills test in a manual transmission truck i could knock two birds out with one stone and end up with a class A license with no transmission restriction. I went through orientation and have driven with there trainer for two plus weeks driving a manual transmission mixer truck (concrete sucks by the way) and they just informed me their 3rd party examiner can only test for class B I am ticked off and I am reaching out to the red viking and others for advice . I called Southwest truck driving school 2 and a half hours away and they suggested an 80 hour program at 4500 that would be the range driving and test…I already went to dmv and took and passed the combination test and have a permit for a class A………Help….Red viking is not sure if I can get a good job even though I have held a class b for a year of driving experience..only doing a 80 hour class to get my A license

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