Getting CDL for Commercial 18 Wheel Truck Driving Career USA

The adventure begins in getting my Commercial Truck Drivers (CDL) license to start driving either dry vans, tankers, refrigerated, flatbed or doubles or triples over the road.

I provide you tips and insights into the steps I took to ensure I maximized my company driving potential, while keeping all my options open as I gain experience and miles driving dry van over the road (OTR) for a company in the southeast.

I tell you what I did to get my DMV medical card, my background, my dmv records, and how to study for the tests to get all my CDL endorsements for my CDL permit.

Get your DOT physical well before school starts, to ensure you can pass a firm’s DOT physical once you get out of school.

I had read all over these forums about students who got yanked out of school in the first week or second week due to failing physicals (which if you are having a firm pay your school, you WILL take a comprehensive physical the 1st day of class, prior to any class work starting).

I saw students in my class get pulled out, with one having flown in from 4 states away, only to be sent home, on his own dime.

Here are a few locations I found where you can set an appointment and get your DOT physical done ASAP to determine if you will make the cut prior to spending time and energy getting to school, only to get sent home very quickly.

I had not had a physical for over 15 years (typical dude, right), so I wanted to ENSURE i was going to pass, or at least know what issues I had regarding the physical, well in advance.

Mine cost me 60 bucks, and I got a 2 year DOT card AND a long form, within an hour.

Take your DMV tests, and get your CDL Class A Permit BEFORE you start school.

Again, I have some cash reserves, so I spent 4 days studying the online free CDL tests listed below, and I passed my DMV CDL Class A General Knowledge tests, and all but one of my endorsement tests, in one pass.

I went back and studied one more night on the one I missed, and passed the next day.

Even the DMV guy was a bit amazed I passed all 7 tests in pretty much one sitting.

Actually, I passed the first 6 tests in less than 40 minutes after studying those 4 days.

I don’t say that to brag, I say that show you that if you study the questions listed on these sites, memorize them, and drill, relentlessly for a few days or a week, you will also pass them.

Get a copy of your DMV driving record online for your state.

Get a copy of your work history from, for free, although it takes 3-4 weeks to arrive by mail.

Do a personality profile, so you know if you should choose to do teams, or solo driving.

4 thoughts on “Getting CDL for Commercial 18 Wheel Truck Driving Career USA

  1. Hi Red. Your videos are informative, well planned and easy to understand. You mentioned a Pre-Trip Inspection Video you used to prepare for your test. I can’t find it referenced on your site. Can you please send me the link? I am getting ready to start school – much more prepared because of your videos. MANY THANKS! Jim

    1. its in the description of either the first or second video i ever posted to my channel brother
      i also sent you and email too

  2. I’m in the process of getting my CDL in California.can you please tell me which two companies you reconmend l check into.thank you

  3. Thanks a lot Red! Your videos and webpage has pointed me in the right direction. I appreciate what you do and the good sound advice you have to give.

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