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    Hey guys, I’m started out by studying & testing for general, airbrake, combo, W/ all other endorsements scoring nearly 100% every time. Then, I watched tons of YouTube videos.
    I came to the conclusion although there are many benefits to the paid CDL programs, it is entirely about the individuals situation. It would require a little more patience to yield a better p[paycheck by getting the financial aid required to get in a school like NETTTS, but by doing that, this student Viking wouldn’t be beholding to a Trucking company’s contractual agreement in concert with the abilities of a competent dispatcher, assuming the work is sufficient to point I wouldn’t be spinning wheels deadhead, …because of a dickhead.
    Now, my question….If hauling frack sand pays over 100k, & oil is 95K, Walmart trucking isn’t the highest paid. I’d like to further break the barrier by making 100k 1st year. I know, I know,… the dues, work for 6 months at shit pay to get some blemish free OTR time. I’m not a youngster, & I don’t feel I need prove that point. I understand the laws of motion, psychics, etc. I’m 57, all about safety. I spent 20 years as a mechanic on the BlackHawk helicopters even earning a patent award.
    Is there ANY company who will consider my qualifications or give me a shot right out of the gate? Or do I simply resolve to working like a jackass for the first 6 months OTR? Bear in mind I have no wife or kids, so cross country or being home isn’t an issue for me. ….thanks

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