Congrats on Anniversary

Been watching your videos on the Tube… and wanted to congratulate you here on your First Anniversary in Trucking..

God Bless, Stay Safe and thanks for the encouraging words, thoughts and challenge to make us better each day.

From a fellow Air Force Vet.. I am with you.. no one gets out alive!!!

Steve D.




One thought on “Congrats on Anniversary

  1. This is for Red Viking Trucker. It was a little late and I was preparing for my new job with the USPS. But I promise to find the right forum venue for my next post.
    I just wanted to thank RVT for his candor and selfless help. I have a CDL permit with all the endorsements and good experience that I hope to turn into a full blown license and hopefully use at the USPS. I want to thank RVT for introducing me to Apple Cider Vinegar. The stuff is fantastic at clearing up your nasal passages and restoring your health and providing energy. Thanks Steve for allowing this out-of-place post.

    God Bless,


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