company paid training

Hi Red I have been looking at paying for CDL school on my own but with the money being a issue with me at this time I have contacted KLLM which you have recommended. I have my 2 year DOT medical certificate I had done on 03/19/2017 I turn 60 in July. I will let you know how it goes . What are your thoughts on having a company pay for the training compared to on your own. (2) I worked in the construction industry for over 30 years and I have a BIG trust issue with CORPORATE do to the fact that I was a employee and with all the taxes taken out until the new owner took over when the previous owner passed away. When that happened the other managers which I was continued to have the taxes taken out but the new accountant and owner NEVER paid them to the IRS. I have a tax attorney but that doesn’t take me or the rest of the employee’s off the hook. I want to jump into the LEASE/ PURCHASE ASAP just to get away from the CORPORATE B.S what are your thoughts on this please. Thank

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