CDL Tuition Reimbursement?

Tuition Reimbursement (TR) is a plan some trucking companies have to attract new CDL drivers to the company. Typically, a TR plan will pay a new-hire driver a fixed amount each week/month if they have an outstanding loan which paid for their CDL training. In the few TR programs I have read about TR will not be paid to a driver that has paid cash for their CDL training. The details of any trucking company TR vary a bit. In such an example, you could borrow the money, even if you don’t need to borrow, and then repay the loan while receiving your TR payment. In some cases, you may want to have a written promissory note, if money was borrowed from friend or relative to pay for CDL. Your TR may reqire proof of your outstanding CDL loan.


The amount the trucking company TRs pay may be more or less than your actual weekly/monthly CDL loan  payment. If you took out a loan to pay for CDL school, you are obligated to repay your loan on the schedule described in your loan agreement. Your TR may pay you on a different schedule than your loan.


IF YOUR NEW JOB IN TRUCKING DOESN”T PAY MORE THAN YOUR CURRENT JOB PLUS COST OF YOUR LOAN EACH MONTH, you may want to reevaluate if you should work for the trucking company you have in mind.


5 thoughts on “CDL Tuition Reimbursement?

    I have written some comments on your You Tube Channel, (Awesome by the way) . I am really interested in this field. Have been for awhile but welding was my career, Need a change from that. I start school next week if I can get the Fed Loan. I was wondering if $11,000 dollars is high for 21 weeks of schooling for Class CDL, with Haz Mat included. They are also asking for $500.00 down? I have 10 days to back out, after signing contract.
    What are your thoughts. You sound more knowledgeable then most everyone I have listen to on You Tube. Your wisdom would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for your time.

    1. i think 11000 is WAAAAAY TOO HIGH and you need to try to fid one for 3k-6k. some community colleges are less than 2k/ 11k seems super expensive. just my 2 cents

    2. Shanon,
      Not sure where you are at but the schools that I looked at were roughly $4,000. One was a college and the other was a dedicated truck driving school. For both there were some initial investment for physicals, DMV driving abstract, HME and TWIC but even with those I was still under $4500 total. I agree with Red that $11,000 seems way high unless they are an all inclusive school that takes you from nothing to everything…but even then it is steep. Best of luck.

  2. I am sure every company is different when paying a Tuition off, but can you give me a rough estimate of how much money that would be taken from my check as a new driver? Like if what I had to pay back was 6k? I hope I am not bothering you with these questions. I feel like recruiters will either confuse me, or tell me a lie to get me in. I feel like your trust worthy.
    Stay safe, and keep giving your wisdom out. It is very helpful and encouraging.

    1. i didnt have a company pay my way, so im not sure on those ‘maths’ about deductions. anything i tell you would just be hearsay. sorry my friend.

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