CDL school and the rumours you will hear

Hello RVT!

Always a fan of your videos and website here.

We have emailed a couple times about my CDL school progress and ultimately passing my CDL class A license, and we all have seen the YouTube videos and the rumours and lies about some of the schools.

I am speaking about MY experience and MY experience only. I was told how crappy the school was going to be, how bad the accommodations were, how poorly you were treated.  I found no evidence of this what so ever! What I DID see and experience, were several lazy people that wanted to complain, make excuses and blame everyone else for their shortcomings and they will try to drag YOU into their drama and BS and take you down with them.

These dudes got inside some of the younger guys heads and they believed the  crap they were spreading  and  got them kicked out as well.

Get your own experience, do your own thing, do not buy into to the crap like RVT advises.. It is what you make of it… My experience has been incredible! And if I had listened to these dopes, I would a been dead in the water before I ever got started.

I have always been  worker and never had an issue getting ahead.. This has been no exception.. I am getting ahead and I got out of this exactly as I wanted.. YOU do the same!

Be safe my friends,



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