Am I Crazy?


So I’m 42, have a wife and two daughters, ages 7 and 11. I was born and have lived in Columbus Ohio my entire life.   Quick background about me, I have a college degree in Biology and a Masters in Toxicology.  From 1998 to 2015 I worked for the worlds largest independent science company.  It was a great job and I made great money. I thought i would retire from this company, until I was part of a company cutback in August of 2015. Since that job ended, I have worked a few temporary jobs and collected unemployment.  My latest stint is selling life insurance. I have to wear a suit and have to cold call everyday, plus it’s 100% commission. I tried it for several months It’s not for me.  For sometime I have always been drawn to driving big rigs, but never really took it all that serious.  After watching hours and hours of your videos, I am now ready to go for it. I have an interview on Friday March 31 with a driving school called Roadmaster.  I am excited and nervous at the same time. Am I crazy that I am a 42 year old man who spent year and years going to college to become a professional, but now and going to for a career as a Professional Truck Driver?

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